Friday, February 8, 2013

Groundhog Day Fun!

Last Saturday was Groundhog Day.  We woke up early and watched Punxsutawney Phil do his thing on the news.  Madalyn was happy that it fell on a Saturday so she was home to see it.  The night before I made a fun centerpiece for the kitchen table in honor of Groundhog Day.  I saw the idea on Pinterest last year. 

I already had the little stuffed groundhog from my days in the classroom.  I set him on top of a cake plate and wrapped a brown towel around it.  It looked like he was poking up from his burrow. 
During the week Madalyn and I made plans to make a special groundhog treat that we saw on Pinterest (Love Pinterest!).  After dinner we made our special treat to surprise Mike. 

It was really easy to make.  We made instant chocolate pudding according to the directions on the package, divided into 4 dishes and chilled them in the fridge while we had dinner.  After dinner we crushed an Oreo cookie and sprinkled it on the top to look like dirt.  Then we stuck a Nilla Wafer Cookie part way in the pudding.  We used a tube of black icing to make the eyes, nose and to help the sliced almonds stick to the back to make ears.  Easy and fun! 

At bed time we read a few Groundhog books together.  I wanted to watch the movie Groundhog Day with Mike after the kids were in bed, but it disappeared off of Netflix that night.  Bummer!

Do you do anything special for Groundhog Day?

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