Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day is this week.  Over the weekend, I helped Madalyn make her Valentines for her classmates.  It was a lot of fun!  She even used some of the extra cards to make special Valentines for her stuffed pig, baby pig and cat.  She is the best Mommy to her stuffed animals and dolls.  She has such a kind heart!

When I was shopping at BJ's Wholesale about a month ago I found the cutest pack of Valentine pencils.  It was a container of 30 pencils for $8.99.  What I deal!  There are only 18 students in her class so we will have extras that I can use in my classroom next year. 

I found a great Valentine card printable for pencils on The Teacher Wife's blog.  Click here for a link if you would like to print some too.  She also has a super cute valentine card printable for a glow bracelet. 
The Valentines were really easy to make.   I just printed on white cardstock, cut the cards out, cut two slits on each card with a razor blade, wrote "To:" and "From:" on the back.  Madalyn filled in the cards and selected the pencil for each of her friends.  Super easy and cute!
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  1. They were SUPER cute too!! The kids loved them!! :-)


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