Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spelling/Sight Word Practice

As I mentioned before, I am a first grade teacher that is currently on maternity leave.  I am enjoying every second of being home with my little guy and my big girl.  I love that I am able to drive Madalyn to school each day, and pick her up after school.  I have also been going to her school once a week to join her for lunch.  I'm really treasuring our weekly lunch dates.  This will be the only year I'll be able to do things like that, because I will be heading back into the classroom next year. 

While home I have been working on a few projects to use in my classroom next year.  One thing I have been working on is some fun keyboards for students to use at the spelling/sight word literacy center.  I got the idea from the First Grade Fresh blog.  Check out the post here.  I have three of them finished so far.  I still need to work on the other two. 

They were really easy and cheap to make.  I got the keyboards for free from my husband's work.  The keyboards were just sitting around in a storage room.  Ask around, you may be able to find some for free too.   

Here are the items you will need:
  • keyboards (They do not need to work.  I cut the cords off of all of mine so they wouldn't be a tripping hazard in the classroom.  It will also be easier to store them.)
  • Paint Markers (I bought some fun bright colored ones at Michaels)
  • Stickers (I bought a couple of star sticker packages at Dollar Tree)
I painted all the keys that were not letters with the paint markers.  I tried to make them as fun and colorful as possible so that the students will enjoy using them.  After the paint dried, I added the stickers.  This was an easy and fairly cheap project.  I can't wait to use them next year.

I plan on using them one day a week in my spelling/sight word center.  I will have cards made up with the spelling words or sight words for the week.  Students will then use the cards to to "type" the words.  I think it will be a fun way for students to practice their words each week. 

I plan on posting more of my spelling and sight word practice ideas that I have used in my classroom.  Keep Checking back! 
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